Our History

The site was constructed in the early sixties as a Servo for the Mobil Economy Trial. At the time it was managed by Malcolm Chisholm and the building featured just two bays, an office, a storeroom and six bowsers. Bill Trulson took over management around 1970 and purchased the Servo outright with his son Ross in the early eighties. Under their stewardship, the business expanded with the construction of two new bays on the western end to accommodate a Transmission Shop.

In those days service stations operated on a 3-week roster system. This meant working two weekends on, then taking one off and closing at 1 pm on Saturdays. Facing heavy competition from the new Woolworths Servo nearby, a change had to be made. The Trulsons’ opted to make mechanical and electrical services the focus of their business. They removed the fuel tanks and bowsers in 2003 and in 2007 they added two bays to the eastern end to move the Transmission Shop and expand the mechanical business.

In July 2021, Ross and Ailsa Trulson sold the business and retired. Trulson’s continues to employ some of the region’s top mechanics and offer excellent automotive service at fair prices under new management.